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Hello Everyone, Thanks for taking your time to visit our website. 

My name is DC Liang, the DC stands for my birth name, DaiCheng, I thought it was easier for people to remember my initials rather than my full name, so that’s why I go by DC. 

I am a real estate agent in Hamilton and GTA. I like to consider myself a local city agent for many reasons. I have been living in Hamilton for the last 19 years and I have seen the growth in Hamilton and I am looking forward to what our city will transform into within the next 5 years. 

I have seen our city transform farm lands near Rymal and Upper James into sprawling suburbs with beautiful homes, most of which was selling for $399,999 when the builders first introduced the project to the public. Fast forward 10 years, any home in that neighbourhood is well over $1M and for good reason too. Koodoos to those buyers who had a good eye for value when the project first came out. 

I have seen the gentrification on James street, what started as empty storefronts, turned into a lively scene of art galleries and restaurants. The city provided monetary grants and tax incentives for business to set up shop in those area and downtown Hamilton has since transformed into both a destination place on a weekend night and also a fantastic place to live because of it’s proximity to exciting amenities.

I am eager to see where our City will grow into in the near future, there are those West Harbour developments at our historical Pier 8, and not to mention the LRT street rail transit that will bring East Hamilton and West Hamilton closer together. 

Join us on this exciting journey of watching our city grow and we’ll help you pick your best front row seats for the ride! 

DC Liang
DC Liang
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